Research Projects

The World IT Project: Exploring Antecedents and Consequences of Job Satisfaction of IT Professionals in Canada Done
Representativeness in The “World It Project” Survey Research: The Methodological Prerequisites and Verification Done
Turnover and Turnaway of IS/IT Professionals during a National Crisis and Across Age Groups Done
Work-Life Balance and Job Satisfaction of IT Employees in Japan Done
Exploratory analysis of natl, org., IT occup culture Done
About individual issues- satisfaction, etc. Done
Factors influencing IT Staff Turnover Intention in South Africa Done
Top IT issues and challenges in large South African organisations Done
The World IT Project: A Multi-Country Multi-Year Investigation of IT Employees Done
The World IT Project: Editorial Done
Trekking the globe with the World IT Project Published in 2018
The World IT Project: History, Trials, Tribulations, Lessons, and Recommendations Published in 2017
National culture dimensions of IT employees and compare with Hofstede In Progress
Antecedents of satisfaction, stress, etc. In Progress
Antecedents of satiisfaction: IT maturity and turbulence as moderators In Progress
Global ITOC paper In Progress
Compare issues before and after crisis In Progress
Friendship Circle and antecedents In Progress
Individual and Organizational Behavior and the Techno-centric Management  In Progress
Global Organizational IS  Issues In Progress
Global Technology Issues In Progress
Top IT Issues for Employers of South African Graduates In Progress
IT Workers: are you happy? In Progress
Turnover and Turnaway of IS Professionals during a National Crisis In Progress

Journal targets: CAIS, CACM, JMIS, MISQ, MISQE, I&M, EJIS